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Hi Dear.

A small payment will immediately be sent back from our website to your BTC Wallet,if the transfer has confirmed in the blockchain. This amount is your password.
Example: you received BTC 0,01500, your password will be the 1500.
This is a widely used method. Our server see the BTC Income and send the small amount immediately back to you wallet. Its full automated.
It is the most safety way. We don't get any personal data.

(Minimum Pay : 0,01 BTC) / / 0,4 ETH // 1,07720 LTC

Make sure it ends with 4 digits


User Name >>>> <<<< Please note that the user name changes each time the page is refreshed

Your password will be generated automatically when you have passed 3 approvals in the chain

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Send Bitcoin Adress 3Cz5LU8k4BgRCXtQmkEnZrBz2ohq9QG53Q

Send ETH Adress 0x17AB0606C7Bd4FB80a6A1cf7fF7b88EDA87E1438

Send LTC Adress MQGJepGLMzps1TvfCbJkaAm3KxdM5TWKjh